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Just please, someone do.

So ya still on relationship front thing...been talking to guy, after all he still is my friend. So Last night while talking to him and stuff, i was talking to Brie and ya...figured i am NOT over him like i thought...and poor Brie has just been an awesome friend just listening [glomps Brie]

me: guess whos back and going on and on and on about his time with jim and how he wished it worked out differently
Brie: just smack him and get it over with
me: if he was closer i would
Brie: lol
me: *hangs head in shame* i am not over him, am I
Brie: no shit
me: i guess its different when you are trying to make yourself believe something
Brie: [shrug] it happens
me: *bangs head into desk* why is love like this
Brie: because life sucks. accept it and move on

and tonite i was talking to him and he proceeded to go on abotu this guy hes into and how the guy asked him out on a real date and stuff...Gee could the world suck anymore than it does right now?!

Thankfully i can go for ice cream tomorrow and just overdose on chocolate (though ive been good and not had much (like 2 cookies))

School has not helped me at all...go figure

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