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Title: *untitled*
Author: Me :)
Pairing: BryMark
Part: 3
Disclaimer: This is only true in my head...not in real life
Warning: Slash an aspect or 2 of AU

Bry started to laugh when he opened the door. Mark was standing there trying to balance a pizza on one hand, and two bottles of soda in the other, with his keys in his mouth. He took the pizza off of Mark's hand, allowing him to get the keys out of his mouth.

"Sorry 'bout the bell, but i didn't want the pizza to get cold." Mark chimed from the living room.
"No probs, Marky. Just thought you were someone else for a second there." Bry chimed, as he locked up the door and walked to the living room.
"What? I'm not good enough to ring the doorbell twice." Mark quipped, sticking out his tongue as he did.
Bry, not one to be outdone in the childishness department, quipped back, "Nope, no one is." and stuck his tongue out right back.

Soon they settled down and started to talk, first about the news, then work, mostly discussing Westlife's plans for the next year, the tour and planning to enter the studio again. Bry seemed to be enthused about it, but Mark could tell that he was straining to smile.

"Bry, i'm gonna get some more soda, you want?" Mark asked, to which Bry replied "Sure Marky, thanks." Mark faked a sense of shock "but I'm a guest." He giggled and walked into the kitchen

As Mark was walking to the kitchen, Bry stared at him. Mark was always there when he needed him, a true loyal friend. He sighed and laid down on the sofa to relax.


Mark walked into the kitchen, and the first thing he noticed was the empty bottles in the sink. He knew enough to stay quiet on that front, as it could possibly upset Bry, but he was still worried. He pulled the soda out of the fridge and poured two glasses, and went to the living room.

Bry had lounged out on the sofa, almost asleep. Mark looked at him a long minute. Bry was a good looking guy, it must have been hard to have Kerry leave. He looked at Bry and say a great person, someone who Mark would be lucky to be with. Mark walked into the room, and joked "Gonna jump in my grave that fast McFadden?"

Bry got up, yawning as he did, "Nah i thought you'd get lost in there like you usually do." Mark slid back into his seat, and handed Bry his soda. They picked up their conversation from where they left off, work. Bry started to go on and on about how he hated to deal with the people from the label.

Mark decided to try to pry into the problem a bit further, without upsetting Bry. "Bry, if you hate dealing with them, why did you leave the band? You always relied on Shane to..." Mark stopped when he started to see the tears start to fall from Bry's eyes. He moved closer and put his arms around Bry. "What's wrong, Bry? You can tell em anything."


Bry tried to stop crying, he really wanted to, but he just couldn't. Everything was coming out in deep uncontrolable sobs. Mark was there trying to console him, and it really helped out alot. Bry thought he should tell Mark the truth. Mark had been there when he needed him. Bry took a deep breath, and settled himself, though the tears still streamed. "The truth is, I left the band for a reason, Mark. A big reason." He took another deep breath. "The reason I left was that i found out that Kerry was cheating on me. She was cheating on me with Shane." Bry sighed and wiped the tears from his face. Mark was surprised by the news, and very angry at Shane. He had half a mind to call Shane up now and start chewing him out. Bry, as if he was reading Mark's mind, said "Mark, you can't say anything to Nicky or Kian. They don't have any idea about this. I don't want anything happening because of this, especially a problem between the four of you."

Mark nodded, somewhat reluctantly, but overall agreed, knowing that Bry should be the one to say something. Bry smiled and thanked him. He hadn't felt this close to anyone since he started dating kerry. He thought long and hard, how he would love to be with someone as loyal as Mark was. The song from before played in his head again : "Fate will twist the both of you." Bry smiled again as he thought that.


Mark licked his lips. Bry was smiling again, which made him happy. He locked eyes with Bryan, and thought of all the events of today. How Bry was on his mind all day, how he wanted someone like Bry to date. The song lyric came to mind, and he smiled. he thought, i guess that song came on for a reason.

They both closer their eyes, and leaned in towards each other. Their lips landed softly against each other and stayed there for a minute, before Mark felt a tongue cross his lips. He opened his mouth slighty and let Bry's tongue enter his mouth. When they finally broke the kiss, they both sat back and smiled to each other.

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