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Wow what an interesting day today. I watched Unfaithful this morning (5AM) and WOW what a bad ending to that movie. I seriously thought that movie wasnt even worth the 5 bucks i rented it for. Then i get up this morning to return it...and get stuck behind some stupid ass bus driver who doesnt know where she's going...and dropped the tape in at 1203 so i dunno if it was considerred late or not...Then i came home and ate breakfast...cereal LOL. Then i had to drive mom around...then i come home, and go back to pick her up an hour later to take her to the bank...i come home from that...and my bro is on the living room computer...i sit down and watch TV...and the brand new laptop...that i bought in Feb (and he used last and didnt put it away properly) falls over and i had to run it to Radio shack to fix it...2 weeks til its back. Then i hung out with my sis a bit, then cleaned im here watching some movie called the fluffer

Talked with Rick a bit...he was babysitting his nephew...he didnt have much to say :\

Talked with Steven Stud Muffin...and we planned out our vacation when I go to Europe to visit...we are gonna shop, shop and shop...then take life in around us..then who knows....i am thinking maybe next year for the trip cuz then i'd have cash, and Sarah would have her baby. SO that rapps up today.

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