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my body hates me

Between sleeping like 20-24 hours in a 2 day span...the gigantic headache im suffering from now, the strep throat...i am beginning to think my body does hate me..though my blood test came back fine....and yay...classes suck

I havent talked to my mom since last week when she started in on me for thinking about dropping a class...she started yelling and i told her she could take the trip to Arizona and shove it and hung up on her.

wintumnBrie has been offline since sunday, visiting mom in San Francisco...and ive been texting her like an insane mad man...she sooo rules..and i dont think i could do a day without talkin to her.

So enough with my boring life..and so i figured why not post my dreams and realities cuz i am a glutton for punishment


- having a family that actually is normal and supportive
- being with someone i love cuddling somewhere
- graduating and getting away from Albany

- my family is far from normal and has been emotionally abusing me since as far as i could remember
- i am probably destined to be alone, and see myself as a life joke...nothing in your life can be worse than mine
- will probably be in school a while longer and i hate Chinese history and my 10 page research paper

And that will be it


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