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an update from pheonix

yup...ive been here 3 days and im ready to shoot myself

Wed i did the whole school shit drove the the airport yadda yadda

ON the sister (idiot) pesterred the shit out of me...while i was trying to watch first daughter. then i sit there and my other sister (Kate) decided to rent a its 3 of us and so idiot goes with Kate..leaving me to get the 3 huge suitcases off the belt and expect me to pull all three...then they get the rental (a ford escape..which i love) and idiot bitches cuz it not an Ultima...i almost shot her..and then she just started with the stupid rambling (you know Arizona is hott cuz of the plants[no its not hott cuz its a fucking desert]) to the hotel about 2 am...and then Jess came by and we went to dennys to eat (nothing else was open).

Yesterday we went to sedona and shopped...yes i have a hat that says HIke naked..feel the sun on your cheeks *giggle* she bitched and complained cuz she couldnt find a shirt in a size then she found another shirt that she liked then agaonized over a tour...then to top it all off we go to this restaurant that she talked about forever...and bitched about it cuz everything there was soooo big (But the waiters were hott so that was a plus) then we went drinking..and yes i DRANK ALOT..but didnt get drunk

Today was the wedding...she bitches about the tupid time she gets up, then bitches cuz it may rain and ruin her hairdo, bitches more cuz a place didnt have a nice shirt then we got back here and got ready for the wedding.

Wedding...i still feel something is wrong and it wont last...something just didnt feel right

Reception...didnt drink alot...i felt a bit awkward there a feel ing of ever get the feeling you were born a lil late. everyone kept asking me f i was ok cuz i was i wasnt fucking ok..i wanted to relax and i havent been able to YET. was texting Brie and music07 all nite....i even called a friend in england

post reception: a couple of the cousins went out to a club (didnt go cuz i have no rhythm and just didnt want to)..but they took a limo and she just kept bitching and bitching and bitching about how she wasnt gonna get to ride in the limo and just on and on..and i chewed her out about it...and Kate and her looked at me like i was like the anti-Christ or something...


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