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An update i havent posted much since...well friday nite

So saturday came, my sister woke me up YET AGAIN! that was 3 times in a row
We got to the brunch at this gorgeous country club (the in-laws were spoiling us) and we ate...had a lil confusion when my lil cousin Ryan was gone for a few minutes...cuz no one bothers to listen to me when i said that he was with my brother...then of course we run a lil late and have to rush to the airport to catch out flight to Vegas. we made it and my brother was able to hop the same flight, so the 4 of us went to vegas on the same plane while mom went driving off with my aunts and uncles.

We land in Vegas and immediately my sister makes us walk around...there were absolutely gorgeous hotels...Sat night we caught the shows at Caesar's (both of them suck ass soooo badly), the water fountain at the Bellagio which was nice, and the volcano at the Mirage..tried to see the show at Treasure Island but the winds cancelled it mid performance...we did alot of walking (almost the whole strip) up for breakfast and my sister once again irritated the shit out of me..and i got looks and shit..i wanted to bash my head in...had Breakfast at the Bellagio buffet which cost like 23 bucks eachfrom there the 4 of us went and toured the stuff we didnt see the day before (Luxor, Excalibur and Mandalay Bay) we tried 3 different shows at Treasure Island before we actually got to see the full performance WHICH WAS AMAZING!! went for drinks..end day

Monday we had an early day, saw the dolphins at Mirage...shopped a bit and headed for the airport...boring day...we got home sitting in my kitchen a lil bit happy to be home cuz my brother and mother werent home and dad was asleep and wasnt botherred....the sisters decided that this was a great time to tell me my cat died...convo went like this

Sis: Got some bad news for you
me: which one died?
sis: sheba..we dont know anything about what happened to her
other sis: she died a week ago thursday, but we didnt want to frazzle you before your discussion and then we didnt wanna ruin your vacation
me: thats nice

So one sentence, i was given three things to mull over
1. my cat died (she was about 13 or 14)
2. my family would rather delay the bad news
3. they delay the bad news after the vacation and give it to me before finals...lovely

so i sign online and start gushing to my friends..and poor music07Justin got alot of it.. i felt liek my spirit had been killed and was saying bad thoughts...needless to say i got upset and signed off before i said something mean...

Tuesday, i relaxed after i picked my brother up at the airport and back to school at 9 to watch OTH to find my internet disconnected...lovely

yesterday...went to the internet office after class...i had COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT that cut my access...for FUCKING 98* "I DO" I want to slap someone, paid 30 dollars but had to wait til today to meet the guy to turn my net back on

Today i skipped class....just wasnt up for it...saw the guy and got my net *hugs net* then Randy...guy from a couple of months ago ims me and i ask him how life is, he asks me, told him bout last monday and he saisd i need to give some good head...mind you this guy never had time for me and he now has a boyfriend...*shakes head*

i've come to conclude that i am one of 4 things: an annoyance, a piece of ass, someone to irk, and non existent

Lucky life is set...where's the hitman when you need one??

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