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50 random facts

So pinkyogamuffin has this in his journal..and i thought it was fun...i tell Brie and she said i have to do it LOL

1. Trudy is the one who got me obsessed with Westlife

2. Though i met her in Sept. online, Brie probably knows the most about me.

3. I have both thought and tried to commit suicide

4. I had a rough childhood that i try to keep hidden from everyone because of bad memories.

5. I got started on my slash fixings by following Matty to a forum a year ago.

6. I have vacationed by myself (meaning no family).

7. I have been outside of the United States

8. I have been admitted to a hospital 3 times: at 4 with a bouncing fever, 9 when i burned myself, and 17 when i got food poisoning.

9. I have low self esteem (duh!).

10. I have glasses, but rarely wear them.

11. I have sufferred a nervous breakdown.

12. I have size 13 feet but am as skinny as a twig.

13. I have excelled math skills, getting a 4.0 in a college level class in high school.

14. I have smoked a cigarette, but never will again.

15. I started drinking at 16, though not soo bad.

16. My luck tends to be bad or worse, and very rarely gets to good.

17. I'm a catholic but don't practice alot of the beliefs.

18. I think the new pope is evil.

19. I totalled my first car 6 months after getting my license.

20. I was hit by a car when i was 4.

21. I am not a virgin.

22. I have never had a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

23. I have been in love.

24. I despise the history of China.

25. I like walking in the rain.

26. I love the mall, and go there when i can.

27. My cd collection is expansive, having more than 250 cds.

28. The RIAA has found me file sharing *oops*.

29. My favorite movie is Clueless, despite how i rave on other movies

30. I love the Fear Street series, and still read the books occasionally.

31. I have met numerous people from online...even travelled to meet one (Trudy in Miami).

32. I love the smell of citrus and spray the air freshener on everything.

33. I have written slash myself.

34. I can't stand the taste of swiss cheese, and have lost my lunch on it.

35. I aced grammar quizzes, yet still cant do grammar for shit.

36. I never use apostrophes when i type.

37. I tend to listen to depressing songs.

38. Romantic movies make me cry, just cuz of loneliness.

39. I love to do lanyarn (plastic keychain string).

40. I have never had school spirit.

41. I like British music more than American music (Rap sucks).

42. I like Christmas because of the feel of the season, and could care less about presents.

43. I won a bet with a kid in 6th grade cuz he said his birthday was closer to christmas than mine..his is Dec 28th.

44. I like having a big keyring, the more keychains the better.

45. I have a big heart, which is why my family has too many pets and i will never become a veternarian.

46. I have unique tastes and have had peanut butter and fluff sandwiches and sausage and pineapple pizza!

47. I still act like a seven year old and watch cartoons in my underwear.

48. Im a hopeless romantic, and just wanna cuddle next to someone and watch movies.

49. I hate how i photograph and think i am as ugly as sin.

50. I have been talked into buying, and have talked people into buying the sims.

and a Bonus one: My family has definitely given me a mental disorder due to emotional abuse throughout the years.

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